Vincent Boehringer

Vincent Boehringer is a young director and photographer. Diving into uncharted territories to generate profoundly captivating visual concepts. This natural tendency, along with his skill in creative composition, rhythmic finesse, and engaging storytelling, comes together to shape his unique artistic style. Having successfully concluded his undergraduate studies in scenic directing in Berlin, Vincent's thirst for creative growth led him to the esteemed halls of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where he digged into the art of commercial directing. Presently, he finds himself once again situated in the vibrant city of Berlin. He has directed ads for Nike, Range Rover, Miu Miu, Carhartt, and Rimowa.

Rimowa – Homecoming
Diesel – The Ephemeral Beauty Of The Moment
Born In Solitude
Carhartt – Working On Society
Range Rover – The Voyager
Miu Miu – Climaxxx