Going Out Is Going In


Gasser Brothers


Going Out Is Going In is a scenic short film exploring Decca Faire’s longing for freedom through her relationship with the landscape of the North Norfolk Coast. Decca Faire is a mixed media artist specialising in film, photography, spoken word and performance.Through the physically demanding pursuits of ultra-marathon running, distance walking and cold water swimming, she explores themes of womanhood, isolation, freedom and endurance.

A farbfilm studio production
Starring Decca Faire
Directed by Gasser Brothers
DoP: Fabio Tozzo
Producers: Yanik Zollinger & Flo Brunner
Steadicam: Ioann Buncelman
1st AC: Tanmoye Khan
Local Transportation: John Thompson / Welcome Ferry
Intimacy Coordinator: Salome Schneebeli
Post Producer: Flo Brunner
Post Coordinator: Lukas Kärcher
Editor: Chris Zimmermann
Editor Rep.: S EC Studio
Online Editor: Vera Gut
Colorist: Florian Staerk
Colorist Rep.: S EC Studio
Music / Sound: Bardo Eicher
Dolby 5.1 Mix: Bobby Gertsch
Graphic Designer: Noël Oppliger
Rental: Octamas AG, Emmyland, Cinelight London
Film Lab: Cinelab London
Special thanks to Decca & her family

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