Selfmade Babylon

by Samuel Morris

The song “Self-made Babylon” is loaded with social criticism. We took that aspect of the song quite seriously and translated the lyrics into a film that is loyal to the song. Unlike most of the German rap music-videos, we decided to create snippets of narrative, through which we show how each and every character deals with the consequences of their actions. Film has a special credibility for us even without any enhancement. It seems honest and has a certain timelessness. The process of working and the extra concentration needed on set, helped our intention to treat the topic of the musicvideo as respectfully as possible.

Samuel Morris
Fabio Tozzo
Executive Producer
Flo Brunner
Laurent Arber
Chief of Lightning
Lukas Graf
1st AC
Linus Rieser
Xenia Nussbaumer
Color Grading
Johnny Thorpe
Sound Design & Mix
Corsin Bader
Titel Design
Mona & Mateo
Nino Burkard
Daniel Bleuer
Bradley Graham
Set Design
Merlin Schmid
Samuel Spahr
Set PA
James Jäggi
Hai Schulze
Animal Expert
Daniel Schmenger